3 Types Of Countertops To Consider And Their Benefits

One of the hardest parts about remodeling your kitchen is trying to decide which type of material to go with when it comes to building your countertops, mostly because there are many different materials to choose from. Listed below are three types of countertops to consider and the benefits they provide to narrow down your choices.


Formica is a type of countertop that is often overlooked by many people in favor of granite, which is a bit of a mistake when you consider that Formica countertops will often only cost a small fraction of the price of granite, marble, or other types of countertops. Due to the lower price, Formica countertops can let you spread your remodeling budget a bit more and focus more money on other areas of the kitchen, such as the appliances. 

Another benefit to Formica is that it is not as big of a headache to clean as the competition. The reason for this is that Formica countertops do not stain as easily as other materials and can be wiped clean with a warm, soapy rag. 


Granite is one of the most popular countertops materials out there, and with good reason when you consider the natural beauty and durability of granite. In most cases, granite it more than capable of standing up to use that would leave other countertops scarred and scratched. For example, granite can easily stand up to heat and scratches, which is one of the main reasons that good granite countertops can easily last decades if they are properly cared for.


Finally, marble is a great option if you want a very high-end countertop, mostly because few materials can match the shine and aesthetic appeal of marble. However, this option has more going for it than its appearance, it is also very resistant to heat. As a result, a marble countertop will often feel cool to the touch all the time.

In addition, a marble countertop is also quite durable. While marble can be scratched fairly easily, the stone countertop itself is very difficult to crack or break. This means that it is highly unlikely that you will have to replace a marble countertop completely, you can just have it resurfaced to deal with any scratches or stains that develop over the years. 

Contact a contractor or interior design service today, such as Plastic Line Mfg Inc, to discuss which type of countertop would be the best fit for your individual needs and budget. Formica, granite, and marble are all great choices that provide their own unique benefits and advantages.