Custom Home Design: Modern Accents

If you're looking to update your home's interior design, aiming for a modern look can provide both functional and aesthetic upgrades. To give your space the look of a professional custom home design, look for modern accents that suit your style and budget.

Here are some modern accents for custom home design upgrades: 


Custom home design is a great way to create a space that is uniquely suited to your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. One way to add modern accents to your custom home design is by incorporating them into the kitchen

  • Sleek: modern accents are characterized by clean lines, simple shapes, and a minimalistic aesthetic. They can include elements such as stainless-steel appliances, sleek cabinetry, and large windows that let in plenty of natural light. Adding modern appliances and new cabinetry to your kitchen can transform the space. You might find consulting with an interior design specialist to help create a design plan to fit your modern tastes.
  • Minimalist: modern accents are all about de-cluttering and streamlining your spaces. This can be done by using modern, minimalist cabinetry and countertops made from materials like concrete or quartz. Adding stainless steel appliances and a large island with a waterfall edge can also give the space a modern feel. These accents can make the space feel both larger and tidier simultaneously.

Materials and Lighting

 Custom home design should have a craftsman-like feel, while also delivering an elevated sense of quality.

  • Natural Materials: hardwoods, natural stone, and sturdy metals are all featured in most modern home designs. When choosing natural materials for your interior design updates, consider looking for the highest quality of raw materials you can afford. For example, incorporating large areas of wood or stone can give the space a warm and inviting feel, while also adding a modern touch.
  • Natural Light: large windows are another key element of modern design, and can be used to let in plenty of natural light and create a connection between the indoors and outdoors. Floor-to-ceiling windows or sliding glass doors are great options for adding a modern feel to your custom home design.

Overall, custom home design is a great way to create a space that is truly your own, and incorporating modern accents can add a touch of style and sophistication. Whether it's using modern materials, clean lines, or large windows, modern accents can help to create a space that is both beautiful and functional.