What Are The Best Ways To Prevent Carpet Mold?

If you have signs of mold in your carpet, it usually means you have to replace the carpet. It is very difficult to remove mold from carpeting, especially since it can be growing in the padding beneath the carpeting as well. The best thing you can do is prevent it altogether. Here are some tips for preventing the growth of carpet mold.

Keep the Carpets Clean

Carpet mold can grow when you have spilled liquids or foods that aren't cleaned up, or pet accidents that soak deep into the carpets. This is why you should keep the carpets clean and get them professionally shampooed occasionally. When you notice a spill, clean it up right away. Don't just wait for it to dry, but use a good carpet shampoo to lift as much of it from the carpeting as possible. Either use a carpet cleaner on your own, or hire a company to handle this for you.

Reduce Your Home's Humidity Levels

Having a high amount of moisture in your home creates a great risk for developing mold, but it's not always from a flood or broken water pipes. This moisture build-up can also be caused by a high level of humidity inside your home. Get a dehumidifier to dry the air in your home if you live somewhere that tends to have a lot of humidity. These units are easy to program so you have full control of how humid it is in your home. You may need more than one so you can have a unit in each room that has carpeting.

Keep the Temperature Inside Low

In addition to keeping the humidity low, you also need to keep the temperature low. You could also be dealing with extra moisture in your home and in the carpets if it gets too hot. If you have central air conditioning, set the thermostat to automatic so that it always stays below a certain temperature. If you don't have this form of A/C, you will need to have portable A/C units or window air conditioners installed in every room that has carpeting.

Clean Up After a Flood

One of the most important ways to avoid carpet mold is by cleaning up quickly after you experience a flood. Whether it is from a burst pipe in your home or a leak in your roof while it rains, every bit of water on the carpets could soak deep into the fibers and padding underneath, causing mold. As soon as you find water, soak up as much as you can with dry towels. Don't just get the surface of the carpet dry. Make sure those towels remain on the floors long enough to soak up water on the carpet padding. You may also need to contact a water damage contractor to prevent mold.

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