Improving Your Small Bedroom

If you've got a small bedroom in an apartment or a house and feel frustrated with the limitations of the space, you're not alone. Not only can it be hard to get around in such a room, it's sometimes difficult to find space for everything you want in there. It can also just feel too small. By implementing the suggestions below, you can not only feel better in the small bedroom but free up space as well.

Use Brighter Wall Colors

One reason small spaces can sometimes seem so oppressive is if your walls are painted in neutral or darker tones. The darker a room is, the smaller it will feel. Therefore, a simple way to create the feeling of a larger room is to select brighter colors for the walls. Bright blues, greens, pinks, and even pale peaches and yellows are worth considering. You might be surprised by how airy and big a room can feel after painting in lighter colors. 

Use Vertical Space

In a small bedroom you might constantly be thinking about where you could possibly store everything. The lack of space in your small closet can seem prohibitive and depressing. However, when you remember that you've got some wall space, your feelings can change. With shelving, you can take a lot of your belongings off the floor and stack them so that you have more space to walk around in your bedroom. You might even be able to remove some pieces of furniture completely and transfer all their contents to wall shelving. Doing so will make your little bedroom seem larger.

Use Mirrors

Another way to give your small bedroom the feeling of a much bigger space is to use visual illusions. Mirrors are great for this purpose. You might use multiple mirrors on one wall; that will seem to "open up" the space. You can place mirrors opposite windows; they will reflect light, and it'll seem like you have more than one window there.

Think Double Duty

Because your small bedroom isn't as big as others, take care to replace any furniture that's not serving you well. Seek pieces that will work on multiple levels in the space. For instance, instead of getting a chair for a desk, you may instead get a trunk or storage cube that can be opened and used for storage but that is sturdy enough to sit on.

You can improve small bedrooms easily if you consider these details. To get even more out of your small space, contact an interior designer like Mary Douglas Drysdale for more specialized decorating tips.