Why You Should Hire An Interior Designer When You Buy A Cottage

It's easy to understand the value of hiring an interior designer for your home or your business, but there are other places for which this professional can be an asset. If you've just bought a cottage with plans to spend time and host large gatherings there, an interior design consultation can be money well spent. A lot of people take the wrong approach to decorating and setting up their cottages, and this can be problematic for a number of reasons. Here's why you should hire an interior design professional when you buy a cottage.

Help With Maximizing Your Space

Unless you had a large budget when buying the cottage, there's a good chance that this dwelling is fairly small. Cottages are often on the smaller side, and their cozy nature can be a part of their charm. However, no one likes a cottage that is cramped — especially when you're trying to host a gathering with a lot of guests. An interior designer can look at the cottage before you begin to fill it with furniture and make some suggestions about how to set it up with the goal of keeping it spacious and inviting.

Discussions About Rental Potential

A lot of people buy cottages to use at various times throughout the year, but also to rent online. If the cottage is located in a popular area and you aren't going to be using it every weekend, having renters enjoy the space can be a profitable side business. In order to make this space appealing to vacationers, you'll need to keep several points in mind. An interior design professional may recommend that you decorate more neutrally than you might otherwise — for example, putting artwork of beach and ocean scenes on the walls instead of family photos. Simple changes like this can make the space more appealing for renters.

Development Of Room Concepts

A fun way to decorate your cottage is to choose different concepts for each room. Unless you have a knack for design, your efforts in this regard can fail to have an impact. Share your ideas with an interior designer, and he or she can also bring some ideas to the table. Together, you can come up with different room concepts that you can use. For example, a room that faces the beach may have a beach theme, with sandy-yellow walls, blue curtains, and beach decorations. A room that faces a forested area may have darker woods, plaid accents, and a forest green area rug.