5 Interior Design Ideas To Make Your Home More Functional

How functional is your home? Now especially, many people are setting up workspaces out of their homes. Many are finding that their homes could be much more conducive to productivity with a few modifications in design, configuration, and basic features. Consider your own space: is it as functional and productive as it could be?

Try these five interior design tips to create a more functional home:

1. Get Rid of the Clutter

Adopt a minimalist approach to get the most out of your home, while also creating a more functional space. Take time to de-clutter the entire house or apartment; give away or donate what you don't need or enjoy. Many people are currently embracing a 'less-is-more' mentality and learning to find joy with fewer items, belongings, and objects.

2. Show What Inspires You

Stay inspired and on-task with a mood board. Mood boards allow you to find inspiration wherever you look, often when you need it the most. Don't keep items around that are not inspiring or joyful to you; these may actually impede your progress and cause distractions when you are trying to work or complete tasks.

3. Go with Neutral Tones

Lower distractions and stay focused by utilizing neutral colors and themes throughout your home environment. Believe it or not, bright colors and bold prints can impede concentration, especially if you are trying to work in the space. Add touches of color, but try to keep a calm, serene color palette for optimal productivity and functionality.

4. Keep Spaces Open

Aim for an open layout with lots of floor space. This will facilitate a number of activities, events, and experiences that a crowded or misconfigured space cannot. For instance, a wide berth through the home makes it far more accessible to those with physical impairments or limitations, as well as ample space for kids to play, engage in hobbies, or interact with others.

5. Take It Outside

When creating a more functional home, don't forget about your outdoor spaces and landscaping, too. Add hardscapes or native species in your landscape that can create their own ecosystem and reduce hours spent outside tending gardens and lawns. Saving time and effort could be a huge factor in making your home — and you — more functional and productive every day.

Is your home as functional as it could be? Use these five interior design tips and tricks to optimize productivity and function in your home environment!