Design Ideas For An Upscale Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens have always been known as the heart of the home. However, despite this moniker, these spaces do not typically reflect the interior design of the rest of the house. Instead, these rooms are typically associated with utilitarianism, and as such, not many homeowners will invest their time or energy in updating the aesthetic value of this space. But this should not be the case.

If you prefer spending time with your family in the kitchen or tend to host gatherings in this space, you could be thinking of redesigning this room so that it is both functional and visually pleasing. But how should you go about this? The first step is hiring kitchen remodeling services to execute this project. The second step is having a concept in mind to discuss with your contractors. To help you with that part, check out the following design ideas you can consider for an upscale kitchen remodel.

Incorporate mirrors into the space

Although mirrors are typically associated with spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms, it does not mean that they do not have a place in your kitchen too! In fact, there are several advantages of incorporating mirrors during your kitchen remodeling project. To start, mirrors have an uncanny ability to create the illusion of space. Whether you have a large kitchen or a cramped one, having mirrors in this room will automatically upgrade the ambiance by making it appear larger than it is.

Furthermore, strategically placed mirrors will reflect natural light, and this also works to make your kitchen look bigger and airier. The best way to bring this concept to life is by installing mirrored splashbacks on one or more walls, as these will also be functional in protecting the walls from spills and splashes.

Integrate smart technology

The second design idea that you can discuss with your contractors when engaging in an upscale kitchen remodel is integrating smart technology in the space. When some homeowners think of smart technology, they tend to associate it with living spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms, but this tech is just as functional in the kitchen. For instance, you can request your contractors to install motion-activated faucets.

These faucets offer a range of advantages, such as improved water conservation, limiting the spread of germs, mitigating the risk of water overflowing, and so many more. Another option you can consider for your kitchen is smart lighting. This technology can help with energy conservation while reducing the transfer of bacteria to light switches. Consult with your contractors on other ways that you can create a smart kitchen during your remodeling project.