Purchase Luxury Vinyl Materials To Cover A Floor In Your Home

Luxury vinyl materials offer impressive durability and timeless beauty. A dealer may feature a line of vinyl products that are relatively thicker than inferior flooring products. After testing the strength and layout design of some sample pieces, purchase luxury flooring materials that are in a tile or plank format.

The Dealer

Luxury vinyl flooring tiles and planks have a similar texture to vinyl flooring. They are thicker, however. An entire flooring system will consist of multiple vinyl pieces. Flooring styles consist of floating and non-floating systems. A floating floor system is one that won't be secured to a subfloor. Connected pieces that utilize a tongue and groove feature will be self-supportive and rest above a subfloor.

A non-floating flooring system will not contain a tongue and groove feature. This type of flooring will need to be anchored to a subfloor. A dealer may sell adhesive products, which can be used to secure tiles and other non-floating pieces that comprise a floor system.

The Samples

Some considerations about space constraints will need to be taken when selecting luxury vinyl products. Because a vinyl floor will rest above an existing floor, less space will be present underneath doors, once pieces have been installed. A vinyl floor dealer may offer sample products that are of varying thicknesses. If you order samples that are intended for use with both a floating and non-floating floor system, you will be able to practice attaching vinyl pieces together.

You will also have the opportunity to get accustomed to using an adhesive for luxury vinyl tiles and other vinyl products that don't contain tongues and grooves. Vinyl is fairly resilient, but can also be manipulated to bend slightly. Apply pressure to sample pieces, as needed, to determine if vinyl products that are a specific thickness will fit under the bottom of the doors within your home.

Color Match Processes

Samples that you receive through a dealer should be marked with a lot number or color variety. These details will allow you to color match the sample products that you would like to use to install a new floor system.

Contact a dealer. Provide them with the measurements of the room that will be covered with luxury vinyl pieces. If you locate a dealer that offers custom products, consider having a special dye or stain added to the vinyl products that you purchase. When installing the floor materials, leave a small gap around the edge of the floor. This gap will allow the vinyl pieces to expand.

Contact a luxury vinyl plank flooring dealer—such as Wallflower's Design Center, Inc.—for more information.